Personal Information
Born:01st September 1947
Died:24th March 2014
Nationality:Sri Lankan
Occupation:Professional Musician (Pianist)
Spouse:Sriyani Dissanayake
Parents:Edward Denzil Oscar Corea and Grace Millicent (Dottie) Corea, nee Abeywickreme

RODNEY DENZIL NIHAL COREA (popularly known as NIHAL COREA) was a professional musician, particularly distinguished in his mastery of pianoforte. His piano playing was heard regularly in the most prestigious hotels in the country, including the Colombo Hilton, The Cinnamon Grand in Colombo and the Royal Palm Beach Hotel, Kalutara.

Born on 1st September 1947 in Badulla, he came to reside in Panadura since 1958, when his parents moved there. Musically inclined from childhood, he began his musical career playing the Tabla in 1964 and graduating to play the drums for several musical groups, including ‘The Manhattans’ and ‘Silhouettes’. Also a composer, Nihal wrote many hymns for ‘Back to the Bible’.

He was employed at the Ceylon Electricity Board and later decided to follow his heart, to become a full time musician. He trained under Jimmy Emanuel. The increasingly rare combination of talent and humility made him a popular musician and entertainer.

Nihal married Sriyani Dissanayake. They were blessed with two children, Malgini and Suranga and a grand-daughter (Shanesa) in 2009. His ambition to release a CD, was achieved with the help of his son Suranga.

Nihal was the son of  Edward Denzil Oscar Corea and Grace Millicent (Dottie) Corea, nee Abeywickreme and the brother of Manel. His grandfather was Edgar Corea (the son of George Corea). 

He possessed a strong and unwavering faith in God, which gave him great strength in the face of adversity.

His devotion to his family was well captured in the following poem, composed by his daughter, Maljini shortly after his demise:

In loving memory of my wonderful father - Nihal Corea

Beyond the sunset , the most blissful heaven
Angels welcomed you, amidst the triumph
The gates of heaven, opened wide for you,
Where no pain exists, no sorrow, no death.

You were a joy, a wonderful blessing to us
a sudden end, unimaginable, unthinkable
Broke our hearts , never to be mended.
For 66 years, a life so radiant and bright

Blessings from God, you had so many
A tower of strength you were to us three
Your music, the talent God gave immensely to you
It soothed and still soothes the hearts of so many.

A loving husband, father and friend
You  cared for us, which knew no bounds
A humble pianist, a talent so profound
Provided and cared, with great love for us.

A grandfather so precious, a joy to her heart
She loves you so dearly and misses you saying ‘How is my good putha?”
Four years she knew you, yet the love is so strong
In innocence she prays for your recovery still.

The dawn of the day 24th of March, lest did we know God’s plan for you
In the midst of prayer, praise and worship, in the midst of joyful exaltation
Into his  loving arms you were raised with loving tender care.
A Golden Loving Heart  stopped beating forever, the light of our life dimmed forever

You were taken too young, so hard to believe ,but to God your deeds on earth were done
And your love  and advice will be treasured by us
We will always feel your presence always by our side, though unseen, unheard and faraway.
Bouquets of beautiful memories, sprayed with millions of tears, will linger in our hearts

THATTHI  we miss you  and your love  fills our hearts
No words can  express how lonesome we are
The emptiness in our hearts - the tears in our eyes, never will fade
It’s so unreal you’re gone, like a dream it’s to us.

THATTHI, we give thanks & praise today for the life God gave you
Thank you for raising us to be who we are today.
Thank you for being our father, we couldn’t have wished for more.
Thank you with gratitude for the sacrifices you made for us

Amidst all angels and heavenly music you abide,
Adieu Darling Thatthi, you’ll always be loved and missed,
Till we meet again, beyond the sunset, the most blissful heaven.
May Jesus hold you close to his heart

- Malgini Corea Amaratunga

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