Personal Information
Nationality:Sri Lankan
Spouse:Dr. James Alfred Ernest Corea
Parents:James Caulfield Herat Seneviratne and Nancy Panditasekere

LETITIA GRACE ALICE SENEVIRATNE COREA was the wife of Dr.  J. A. E. Corea. She was born into the very ancient Seneviratne family, whose paternal ancestors had held the title Mudaliyar of Madampe, since its establishment. In 1758, her direct ancestor had been granted large amounts of land in Madampe by the King.

Letitia’s father was James Caulfield Herat Seneviratne, who married Nancy Panditasekere, and was given the rank ‘Mudaliyar for life’, after being recommended by members of the civil service. He resided at ‘The Towers’, Marawila. Both his father and grandfather had also held the position of Mudaliyar of Madampe.

In 1897, Letitia Seneviratne married Dr.  James Alfred Ernest Corea, the son of Proctor Charles Edward Bandaranaike Corea. They had three children: (Rev) Ivan, Bertram and Gwendoline.

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