Personal Information
Nationality:Sri Lankan
Education:Wesley College, Colombo
Occupation:Landed Proprietor
Spouse:Cecily Augusta Corea
Parents:Mudaliyar Johannes Christoffel Corea and Sophia Ameresekera

PERCIVAL ALLAN COREA was the second of four sons born to Johannes Christoffel Corea, who was Mudaliyar of the Chilaw District, and Sophia Ameresekera. He was born in 1870 at Karukkuwa and received his education at Wesley College, Colombo. His brothers were Edward, Jumeaux and James Abraham Corea.

He was a planter who owned several coconut plantations such as Mugunuwattewara and he was also a member of the Chilaw Association, which was founded by his kinsmen, freedom fighters, Victor and Charles Edgar Corea.

Percival Allan Corea was also the proprietary superintendent of Karukkuwa Walauwa estate, which was the country residence of his older brother, Mudaliyar J. E. Corea. In 1899, he married Cecily Augusta Corea, a daughter of George Edmund Corea, Secretary of the District Court of Negombo. They had five children: Russel, Delorine, Tecla, Enslie and Christy.

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