Personal Information
Nationality:Sri Lankan / Canadian
Education:Newstead College, Negombo and Methodist College, Colombo
Occupation:Inland Revenue, Canada (Tax Department)
Spouse:Dixon Wanigasekera
Parents:Colin and Letitia De Silva (nee Corea)

INDRA WANIGASEKERA was the daughter of Colin and Letitia De Silva (nee Corea). She had one brother, Clifford. Her Corea heritage comes from her maternal grand-parent Edo Corea, who had three brothers, Allan, Jumeaux and Jimmy. Her maternal great-grandparents, were Mudaliyar Christofell Corea of 'Karukkuwa Walauwe', Madampe and his wife, Sophie Amarasekera. Edo Corea married Terrentia Amarasekera, whose mother was a Dutch Burgher lady, a Ms. Godlieb. Family history, records that Terrentia’s father, returning by train, had seen a beautiful lady seated all alone and it was love at first sight.

Mudaliyar Edo Corea and his wife Terentia had a large family of ten children. The eldest, Letitia, married Colin De Silva. Drayton married Lena Wickremeratne, Melita married Fredrick Wickremeratne, Leslie married Hilda Gunaratne, Audry married Willy Wanduragala, Ouida married Canon Ivan Corea, Ariel married Evan Jayesekera, Aelian married Mildred De Silva, Acland married Leela Corea, Ida married Stanley Corea and Edward (the youngest), married Dagmar Wijekoon.

Mudaliyar Edo Corea, it is said, expected his eldest daughter Letitia to marry a professional, but fate decreed otherwise and she married her second cousin, Colin De Silva, a planter and active member of the Madampe Tennis Club. Colin had lost his parents George and Charlotte De Silva, at an early age. Colin had two sisters, Flora who married Vinny Pandithasekera (a lawyer), and Olivia who remained a spinster. Colin and Letitia settled down on a coconut estate in Madampe and attended the Baptist church.

Indra was educated at Newstead College in Negombo and Methodist College, Colombo and completing her studies, taught at St. Mary’s Church, Polwatte. In 1959, she married Dixon Wanigasekera and they had three children. The eldest was a daughter Damayanthi, the second was Dinesh (Dini), and the youngest was also a daughter, Malkanthi. The family migrated to Canada in 1967, to join Dixon who had left the previous year. It was during this period, that they learnt of the death of her brother Clifford, at the age of fifty years. Her father passed away in 1962, while her mother lived on to reach the age of 93 years. Dixon joined the Canadian National Railway as a Draftsman in the Engineering Department. Indra completed a course in commerce and joined the Inland Revenue Canada (Tax Department), completing twenty years in her job.

The children completed their studies, and Damayanthi graduated from the University of Toronto, majoring in French, and is a teacher, while Dini earned his degree from the University of Western Ontario and went on to obtain a Diploma in Computer Engineering at Seneca College, was recruited by the local Consumer Gas Company now known as 'Direct Energy' and has risen to an executive post. Malkanthi the youngest, earned a degree in TV Arts & Drama at the Ryerson University and was recruited by the Canadian Television Company.

Indra and Dixon are the proud grandparents of four children: Mathew now twenty two years enrolled for a Law Degree at University, Angela the only girl, enrolled at Ryerson University for a Science Degree and Dillon is in High School, while Damayanthi’s ten year old son (Marc), attends school in Ottawa.

The family members cherish their roots in the Corea Family, praising and thanking God for his bountiful blessings.


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