Personal Information
Born:7th February 1909
Nationality:Sri Lankan
Education:Ladies' College, Colombo
Occupation:Teacher at Holy Family Convent
Spouse:Ashley W. Corea
Parents:Jumeaux Arthur Christofell Corea and Adeline Beatrice

ENA MERLIN COREA was born on 7th February 1909, to Jumeaux Arthur  Christofell  Corea and Adeline Beatrice Lucy Amaresekera of Fairlyn Chilaw. She had four sisters, Ordell, Eulalie, Iralanda (Ira) and Manel.

She was educated at Ladies' College, Colombo during the era of its famous Principal, Ms. Gwen Opie. She had a distinguished school record, carrying many prizes. The first pupil of the renowned music teacher Mrs. Spencer Shepard, she was an excellent pianist. Ena Corea was called upon to render a pianoforte recital at school events such as the Annual Prize-Giving, which was always graced by the Governor of Ceylon. After completing her secondary education, she returned to her home town, Chilaw and taught at the Holy Family Convent.

She married her third cousin Ashley W. Corea on the 30th of June 1930, at St. James' Church, Chilaw. In recognition of her school career at Ladies' College, the wedding was attended by both the Principal Ms. Gwen Opie and the Vice Principal, Ms. Northway. The Toastmaster, R.F.Dias Bandaranaike who was the District Judge, stated that the presence of both the Principal and Vice Principal on this occasion, was ample testimony to the character of the bride. She had eight children, Sabrina, Roxina, Christabell, Ariya, Brenda, Jeyaranjan (Ranjit), Nirmali and Manorani.

She was a voracious reader. A devout Christian, she was the organist at St. James' Church, Chilaw. When the old organ was to be replaced, it was she and Mrs. Spencer Shepard, who selected a suitable replacement. Her home was virtually a centre of music, as she played the piano each evening. During the Second World War, passing troops would stop their vehicles and line up by the wall, to listen and join in the singing. She was a devoted wife and mother and a caring neighbour.


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