Personal Information
Born:3rd February
Parents:Ivan and Charika Corea
Charin in Disneyland in Florida in the United States of America

CHARIN COREA is the son of Ivan and Charika Corea. He was born in London in the United Kingdom. He has created history by being the only Corea to be mentioned in high profile debates on autism in the Scottish Parliament, House of Commons, House of Lords, in early day motions in the House of Commons and on press, radio and television in the United Kingdom. Charin, diagnosed with autism inspired an entire movement on autism when his parents initiated 2002 as Autism Awareness Year, backed by over 800 UK organisations. Charin was also the inspiration behind Autism Sunday founded in 2002 in the UK, with a historic service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Autism Sunday, is now a massive global event celebrated in many countries. Charin has been featured in books and magazines in the UK. He has also been mentioned in features in newspapers in Sri Lanka and on the airwaves of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in Colombo.

His parents founded the Autism Awareness Campaign UK, the UK Autism Foundation and an autism campaign in Sri Lanka, crediting Charin as their inspiration for all their worldwide campaigns on autism. Charin was featured on CNN, in a CNN Report called ‘Fighting for Autism,’ with anchor Max Foster in the television programme marked the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day. Charin was highlighted in the Daily Mail in London, in connection with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in the UK. His parents view Charin as a blessing from God, who has enriched their lives and the lives of others.


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