Personal Information
Born:28th July 1901
Died:8th May 1989
Nationality:Sri Lankan
Occupation:Doctor of Homoeopathy
Parents:Victor Corea and Sita De Alwis
DR. C. V. S. (‘SID’) COREA

CHARLES VICTOR SIDHARTHA COREA (‘Sid’), was a pioneer of Homoeopathy in Sri Lanka, responsible for pursuing the establishment of Homoeopathy in Sri Lanka. He successfully initiated a Bill in the Parliament of Sri Lanka, along with the current Homoeopathy Act which gives official recognition to the Homoeopathic System of medicines in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Sid Corea was appointed the first Chairman of the Homoeopathic Medical Council in Sri Lanka and also founded the Homoeopathic Association of Ceylon on the 28th of September 1951. He represented the Government of Sri Lanka at the World Homoeopathic Medical Council in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where he received a standing ovation for his speech.

The son of Victor and Sita Corea, he had two sons (Gamani Corea, former Secretary General, UNCTAD and Economist and Vijaya Corea, a former Director General of Broadcasting and Broadcaster).

He was grandfather to Viran Corea and Sashika Corea-Mahiman.

Sid Corea passed away in May 1989.

Ravale Corea (son of Sashika Corea-Mahiman) is his great grandchild.

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