Personal Information
Born:17th January 1909
Died:September 1976
Nationality:Sri Lankan
Education:Bishop’s College Colombo & CMS Ladies' College Colombo'
Occupation:Piano Teacher
Parents:Mudaliyar James Alfred Corea and Eugene Corea (Nee Attygalle)
Amybelle Corea

CHARLOTTE VALERIE AMYBELLE COREA received her secondary education at Bishop’s College, Colombo and CMS Ladies’ College, Colombo. She was successful in completing all qualifications required for Associate Trinity College London (Piano) by the age of 16 years. She later became a teacher of pianoforte.

The only sister of Don Henry Richard Attygalle Corea (Retd. Senior Superintendent of Police), Amybelle was the daughter of Mudaliyar James Alfred Corea and Eugene Corea (Nee Attygalle).

She had three children, namely Srimanie Dassenaike, Sivagami (‘Siva’) Obeyesekere (Nee Dassenaike), a former Minister of Health and Chairperson of World Crafts Council and Vijaya Corea (former Director General of Broadcasting and Broadcaster). 

She was grandmother to Peter Obeyesekere, Chantal De Saram (Nee Obeyesekere), Viran Corea and Sashika Corea-Mahiman (Nee Corea).

Amybelle Corea passed away in September 1976.

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